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Though it is easier to make money offline in India many people do not want to work offline, since they think that their reputation may get affected. So one of the websites popular among those who work at home is Toloka

Toloka will pay members for doing various tasks
For registration,the user has to create a Yandex id
After this the various options to make money are displayed
For most of the tasks, some training is required.
Only after the training is complete, the user will be paid for the work they do
One of the best paying work is product comparison, where two different images are shown
The user has to compare the images,and then decide whether they are identical,similar,complementary,not related or other options
After the training is over, the user will be paid $0.07 for each correct comparison
There are other tasks which are also available like rating the tweets and identifying traffic signals .
Due to government SLAVERY, the domain investor does not have the time to do the Toloka tasks which pay very less compared to other writing work. However, many people in India and elsewhere are making money and have posted payment proof online. One of the main advantages of using Toloka is that they allow immediate withdrawal of the money earned

Please note that the account was opened only for review purposes, the user has not received any payment till date, though others have posted payment proof online. With bandwidth costs reducing this is a viable option for those who have unlimited internet connection or more bandwidth.

Payment through paypal, Payeer, Webmoney, Skrill
For more information or queries please check or post at reddit
Some posters on Reddit are claiming that they make $60 in a month from Toloka
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2016 Reddit post on government SLAVERY in India

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