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The number of people shopping, purchasing products and services online has increased, so there is a major increase in the demand for testers. There are a large number of companies outsourcing the testing work, and it can be a good source of income for those who are willing to spend time. The testing work available will depend on the devices which the user has. In some cases the user should have a web cam to record videos, while in other cases, only the opinion of the user is required. Some of the most popular testing websites worldwide are listed below

Oprimes - is paying in indian rupees to bank account, suitable for those who do not have a paypal or payoneer account, in addition to paypal. users have to specify the gadgets which they have for testing. They are sending emails regarding their new testing projects.
In July 2022, they are looking for looking for participants to complete test tasks for their upcoming AI project. The task can be done remotely from the comfort of your own home.
Location can be anywhere across regions - South Asia, Asia, Middle East, North Africa
The cycle requires the tester to execute the task defined.
Payout ranges from $20 - $40 depending on various factors.
Any android device running on Android 8 or above
Task brief - Complete the test steps as per the manual guide that would be provided. Need to complete these steps under different lights, and in different clothes, as this is an AI-based video and picture capturing app.

Usertesting - not accepting testers in July 2022

Testlio - not accepting testers in July 2022 if the user does not have a chromebook





Enroll - users can make money without having a webcam, very less work available. There are some poll questions for which the user is not paid. The minimum payout is $ 1 through Paypal


Testapic French testing site, making payment through bank transfer

Testingtimes not accepting indians

Please note that the domain investor has opened user accounts only at a few website to get payment proof, due to lack of time and money as a result of government SLAVERY,financial fraud in the indian internet sector. However many people are posting their payment proof online. More testing websites will be added soon, so please check this website regularly for the latest updates .

For more information or queries please send email to or post at reddit

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Other websites which pay users for testing can send email to for a free listing. The domain investor can also post the requirement for testers in different forums she has joined

Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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