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Get paid to search and click
While internet users can earn some money from forum posting, most have high minimum payout and it will take at least one month to earn money to cash out. In comparison some search and click websites allow users to earn more money, typically $0.05 per click, $0.10 for US users. Some of the search and click websites available for international users are listed below

Clickspaid (earlier called Serpbot) is a widely used website which pays the user for searching and clicking on websites. The main advantage of the website is the very high amount it is paying for every click, far higher than what other PTCs are paying. It is very difficult to make even $0.01 daily from advertising from PTC websites, so the amount is attractive for those who are making almost nothing from their website or blog from PPC and CPM advertising, despite having thousands of visitors monthly . Any person who is registering using the referral link can contact on for free customer support.

The procedure for registering is very simple. No personal information is required, only the email id, password and paypal account details are required. If you do not have a paypal account, you can open a paypal business account for free, and Paypal is offering $10 bonus if you receive $100 in international payments within 45 days of opening the paypal account.

After opening the account, the browser plugin has to be installed. The plugin is available only for Firefox. The clicks are recorded accurately, if the computer is not hacked. During the day, it is very difficult, to get any click recorded accurately.The number of searches available will vary. This software works well with Firefox on a desktop and may be slower on a laptop. In addition to Paypal, users can also request Bitcoin and Ethereum payout.

The minimum payout is $5 and it is paid monthly to the paypal account on 5th of the month. The first payment was received on September 5, 2022 , so it is a good way to earn for those who advertising, referral income and orders are stolen. Clickspaid also has a referral program, which is also reviewed. Kindly note that it is very difficult to find any information about this program using google search, since google has deindexed this website. Update, the second payment was received on November 7, 2022

Serpclix is another popular search and click website, and one payment is received till date.

Google is extremely ruthless in destroying the finances and life of all people linked with seo , especially in asia, allegedly supporting the massive resume theft, financial, banking fraud on the domain investor since 2010 with the government falsely claiming that its lazy greedy fraud employees with no investment, no work jobs own the paypal, bank account, domains of the domain investor. Additionally the advertising, referral income, leads, orders of the domain investor are also stolen by the well paid greedy government employees in india, so that she is making very less money despite spending a large amount on domain renewals, webhosting and time doing computer work.

In addition to running india's greatest government SLAVERY racket, google is also showing manipulated search results for the domain investor. Since text link advertising revenues depending on google search results and whether a website is deindexed, using serpbot is a very good way to find out which websites are being ranked in search , how websites are deindexed or indexed, the keywords for which it is easy to get ranked. Despite having a large number of websites, it is extremely difficult to make even $0.03 monthly from ppc/cpm advertising, yet companies are willing to pay $0.05 or more for a single search, showing ruthlessly google has destroyed competition. It is a good way to find new sites, spend time analyzing their design, layout and other information. For example some websites are using Histats, yet the website is not opening in google chrome browser.It appears that google is ranking all the older websites (20+ years old) later in search , blogorama , a web directory websites which rank on the fourth or fifth page in google search.

The masterminds of the government slavery racket in the indian internet sector especially indore ROBBER raw employee bespectacled housewife deepika/veena are extremely ruthless in blocking all orders and payments so that their friends and relatives can continue with the no work no investment government jobs with fake bank account, fake resume . The ad networks which are paying are also being threatened by Paypal that the domain investor is involved in illegal activities since she does not have a large number of customers. So the domain investor is looking for different customers from different countries to avoid harassment, prove that she is a legal business. So serpbot is one non-us website which is very popular and is being reviewed.

Other search and click websites are also being reviewed, checking each website is very time consuming, looking for reviewers to check if these online survey websites pay as promised, especially for international users. Ideal option for those who have lost their job due to the covid-19 pandemic or are forced to remain at home, due to home quarantine
Visitors who have received payment from these websites or have been scammed can send their payment proof or story to and . Webmasters of similar websites can send their request for a free review of their survey, microjob website to the above email ids Websites with no minimum or low minimum for payout, less than $0.1 preferred

Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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