In some countries like India, people who are not well connected have very few opportunities especially if they work from home. Usually only low end work is available which is very time consuming, and leaves the online worker with less free time. So online workers who require some passive income without additional investment should consider using Traffmonetizer which is a Honeygain alternative

Most internet users do not use the data transfer/bandwidth which they are allocated for the package purchase . Though Honeygain is advertised extensively it will close the account if the connection is not used for a few months and the balance is deleted. They also have a high payment threshhold of $20. Internet users interested in a Honeygain alternative can make a small amount of passive income daily by sharing the data on their android smartphone and other gadgets using Traffmonetizer.

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Investing in a cheap smartphone with SIM is more profitable than developing a website at present due to the low online advertising rates. Only a small amount of data usually 50 mb or less is required daily on each device where the app is installed. Additionally there are no annual renewal fees for the smartphone , and other apps for making money can also be installed on each smartphone.

Those who keep their smartphone and other devices always on will only have to install and activate Traffmonetizer for the bandwidth sharing to start. Detailed statistics are provided of how much bandwidth is being sold from each device. Many internet users are having several smartphones and tablets, for backup and because they have upgraded their smartphones. Traffmonetizer can be installed on each of the smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops

There are only 3 forums which are paying members at present in 2024 for posting. Posting answers on quora is extremely risky for some internet users having controversial views , since the real name of the user is visible. So internet users who desperately require some additional money paid through Payoneer directly to their bank account should consider using Traffmonetizer if they have some spare smartphones, computers.

The income from Traffmonetizer depends to a large extent on the number of devices on which it is installed. If a smartphone is used for banking and other financial apps, it may not be advisable to sell bandwidth. However, if the smartphone is mainly used for entertainment purposes, watching videos, listening to radio, music, testing apps, it can be used. Alternately the user can consider purchasing the cheapest smartphones available

To get a free bonus of $5 please register using the Traffmonetizer affiliate link

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