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As advertising revenues for almost all ad networks have reduced to a fraction of the rate a few years ago due to increasing competition, online data entry and paid to click jobs are the simplest way to earn money online without investment, especially for those who do not have good writing skills, or whose mails/correspondence are stolen, making it difficult to earn any money online or offline. For paid to click work, the internet user has to view the graphic ad or video for some time, which may be as much as 120 seconds depending on the admin of the PTC website, advertising package purchased. .
. In 2016, when checked there were no ads for and no other indian PTC was also advertised extensively. Due to NTRO torture, using ptc websites is risky for domain investors. Most of the PTC websites pay using Paypal and many Indian users do not have a Paypal account, as Paypal is quick to disable the account giving flimsy excuses. in the indian internet sector, there are very view online money making opportunities, with no reliable indian ad network for PPC, CPM, text link advertising and content providers are often cheated . Hence the Indian PTC website Adviuz is a welcome change for Indian internet users who wish to make some money in their free time. Payment has been received, Payment proof can be provided, so visitors can register, knowing that they will be paid.
Adviuz is a new Indian paid to click website with a large number of advertisements and videos for members to click or watch daily with Payment proof available. The amount paid for the website and video advertisements will depend on the duration for which the ad will be displayed. Instead of using Google to find new websites, it is good way to find new products and services available in the country.
Some time ago, it had interesting ads of taxi operators, home loans and real estate, which are useful for a person looking for these services or getting a loan, investing in real estate. The videos are for products or services being offered in India and also movie trailers like Drishyam, Brothers, Raees. Instead of watching the movies on Youtube for free, it is better to watch the movie on Adviuz and get paid. The number of ads being shown will vary from time to time, so if no ads are shown, check daily at different times of the day.
Minimum payout amount Rs 5 for the first withdrawal, Rs 30 for second withdrawal and Rs 100 for third withdrawal. Withdrawal fee is Rs 4 for each withdrawal. Unlike most Indian websites like Indiblogger, Digitalbhoomi which are disabling the account of members without a valid reason, Adviuz has a honest admin who is paying as promised. The payment was made within 48 hours of making the Payout request using a ICICI bank payment system to Indian bank account in August 2015 and payment proof is available.
Most of the reliable Indian moneymaking websites like Ultoo, Ziptt are paying with a mobile recharge, which is not very beneficial for those who need cash for other expenses like travel and food. Other online money making websites like Viewbestads have a high minimum payout of Rs 1200 which people will not reach quickly
Adviuz has an interesting design, concept and could pose a challenge to Google adwords in India, especially if they get more advertisers in India, especially for internet related services. Many internet users are not using Google extensively because search results are manipulated . Like all money making websites, it will be checked periodically and review posted
The advantage of Adviuz is that it promises Indian member direct payment to their bank account, suitable for students and others who are interested in making extra money . Some Indian internet users do not have a Paypal account due to factors beyond their control, others find that lazy greedy well connected frauds are falsely claiming to own their Paypal account, while the real Paypal account is being defamed and tortured. Ideal for those who want some money for their Indian bank account. Under review for crediting to bank account,in July 2015

Paid to click websites will be ideal for those who want to earn money without any skills, for students with free internet at college, and those with an inexpensive reliable fast internet connection, Also Paypal account holders in India are harassed, subjected to human rights abuses, identity theft attempts . For example the fraud top officials in the indian internet sector are falsely claiming that this website and the Paypal account, visa credit card belongs to the goan sluts siddhi,sunaina, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika , when these frauds do not spend a single paisa on the website or do any work online, because they sleep with top officials or powerful officials are infatuated with the well connected cheaters and US companies approve of these lazy frauds .
Indians who need help for promoting their paid to click website, money making website or any other help for paid to click work in 2016, without any investment, can contact at and . Websites similar to interested in outsourcing paid to click work to low cost indian workers, can also contact for a free review on the website. Websites with no minimum or low minimum for payout, less than $0.1 preferred
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