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In 2023 the online money making opportunities are decreasing and most of the paid to post forums have also decreased payment or stopped payment completely. In this case it is advisable to try Rotate4all which pays members at least $0.00015 for every website they visit for at least 5 seconds
` Rotate4all has multiple ways for members to make money like:
- Paid to click or visit websites
- Promoting the PTP link
- Affiliate program
- Using credits, balance to purchase traffic

The paid to surf section is the most reliable section of the website, since the amount is credited accurately though the statistics may be slightly delayed. The rates paid per visit will vary depending on number of sites surfed in a day for at least 5 seconds
0-250 visits : $0.00015
251-500 visits: $0.00025
501-750 visits: $0.00030
751 onwards : $0.00040
The maximum number of websites a member can visit in a day is 1000
Officially they have mentioned that members can make $0.1750 a day , though they do credit the account at the rate of $.004 for 751 or more visits
Part of the income from Rotate4all is from visitors since it is paying $0.0003 per unique visit. This can be automated if a cheap traffic source is obtained. If the member can find a cheap PTC supplying clicks for $0.0002 or less , they can set the PTC and make money automatically on Rotate4all PTP . Though the PTP may mark some of the clicks as not valid, it is still a valid source of income,which is more than most of the ad networks at present

Webmasters struggling to get visitors , the traffic exchange SuperTraf with provision to use or sell credits is recommended. The webmaster or member is credited visits based on the time he or she visits the websites listed. He can choose the duration for which the visitor will remain on the website. If the visitor remains for 5 seconds lesser credits are required compared to 10 second
The credits can be sold for rubles and the amount will be credited to the main account. Alternately the credits can be used for advertising. The advertiser can set the daily budget and how much he will pay for each visit. Detailed statistics are provided on the number of visits in a day.
Individuals who do not have a website can also use the credits from traffic exchange for promoting PTP links which usually pay $0.0003 per unique visit in 24 hours. This is being tested at present, since some clicks are not being recorded, or are considered invalid. If cheap traffic is obtained, the entire process can be automated. Cheap traffic suppliers, PTC owners can send email to with their offer.

The balance in the main account can be withdrawn when it reaches 5 dollars with Payeer,paypal, skrill and other options available. The website is being reviewed, mainly since they are showing a large number of websites which are not advertised elsewhere. To cover up the domain ownership,financial fraud, government slavery since 2010, cia,mi6 , raw are all blocking payment from multiple websites, the ad views are not even being recorded in some cases. So it is better to diversify the income sources and Paid to surf and promote is being considered .

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