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Get paid to post links, url shorteners
Some of url shorteners which pay are listed. They are under review, no payment is received till date.

As advertising revenues for almost all ad networks have reduced to a fraction of the rate a few years ago, data entry, linkposting and paid to click jobs are the simplest way to earn money online without investment, especially for those who do not have good writing skills, or whose mails/correspondence are stolen, making it difficult to earn any money online or offline. For link posting , the internet user has to post the link and will be paid everytime the link will be clicked. This will be similar to other free url shorteners like only the personal creating the shortened link will be paid. The review was posted in 2015-2016.In 2021, Linkbucks is closed, and other url shorteners are not tracking page views accurately
. Earn money with every link you post, no investment needed
Every time you post a link to a website, the owner of the website gets free visitors to his website and you get nothing in return for your effort. Now you can make money with every link you post using">Linkbucks

How it works
The concept is simple, every time a visitor clicks on a link you post, you are paid some money since an ad is displayed to the visitor.">Sign up for Linkbucks free
The amount you earn depends on the following factors:
1. The type of ad you have selected while converting the link. Rates are highest for interstitial ads and lower for banner ads which are less intrusive.
2. The quality of the traffic. If the visitors are from USA, Canada, UK, where CPM rates for advertising are high, the earning per click is higher. For other countries, the click rates are lower.

Registration / Sign up
Registering at">Linkbucks is simple. You only have to enter an email id and password and your account is activated instantaneously.
Once your account is activated you can enter the original url and the linkbucks url will be generated. You can then post the url on any forum, website or social network and get paid every time a person clicks on the link.

Tracking / payments
Statistics are updated in real time and you can track your earnings by checking your statistics regularly.
Minimum payout is $10 by Paypal and payments are processed on request.

So compared to other online money making programs,"> Linkbucks allows you to make money with no investment and little additional effort on your part.
linkbucks and were banned in India in 2013, the ban has been removed now. Indians who need help to convert the payment to Indian rupees or any other help for linkposting work in 2015, without any investment, can contact at and . Websites similar to Linkbucks interested in outsourcing linkposting work to low cost indian workers, can also contact for a free review on the website,
Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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