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Help a harmless innocent single woman obc engineer retrieve her retirement savings
Government employee wanted as surety for missing KVP/NSC certificate
KVP/NSC of harmless innocent experienced single woman obc engineer missing, to get a duplicate copy of the KVP/NSC issued, looking for multiple government employees who are willing to stand as surety.
No investment of any kind is required, only a copy of the salary slip is required and a form has to be filled, and the government employee has to visit Bhandup West , Mumbai post office and sign the documents in the presence of the post master.
Can compensate for the time and effort of the government employee, good chance to make some quick money and also help an innocent woman retrieve her hard earned money, retirement savings for her old age.
Please send your contact details to for more information. Agents who can help are also welcome

Kindly note that google, tata and other internet companies have bribed some officials or others to steal and keep the retirement savings in the form of NSC/KVP certificates of a harmless single woman engineer to cause financial losses help google destroy competition financially and also acquire talent and technology cheaply. these government employees have been make completely fake allegations without any proof at all against the engineer to justify the theft

The engineer has been defamed, cheated and exploited since 2010, and despite being put under surveillance for nearly 7 years, denying her the fundamental right to privacy and the right to earn a fair living, the cbi and other government employees making fake allegations have not been able to find any proof at all. A police complaint of the missing KVP/NSC certificates has also been filed

Since CBI and security agencies are making it extremely difficult for the engineer to get any work and many any money for the last 7 years, the retirement savings are urgently required, to pay for daily expenses and for financial emergencies.

Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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