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Though a majority of data entry worldwide is data entry of scanned documents,business data this work is rarely available online for internet users who can only work online for a few hours daily.

Most of the online data entry is captcha solving and companies like google who are associated with recaptcha are harassing those who promote these websites including the owner of this website. After extensive research, the online publisher has found a way to make money doing online data entry of scanned business cards and other business data. The rates for online data entry are also higher compared to captcha solving and paypal payment is possible.

Get-paid is one of the more reliable Get paid to websites which is still paying after 8 years. The user had created an account in 2013 for review, received payment in 2015, and the account is still active. So this an updated 2022 review

After registration using the link above, To get paid for data entry , the user should click on the Business cards section. The member will then have to undergo training where instructions are given on how to do the data entry. The user will get redirected automatically to the online data entry. The scanned business data is displayed and then a form is provided where the user has to enter the data correctly. In some cases, the data entered is verified immediately, in other cases, it will take some time, and will give the message CHECKING. While reviewing initially 10 business cards were shown and the message check later was displayed. After some time, one additional data entry item was available. The user is paid 10 PP for each correct business card entry. 100 PP is equal to one coin at Get-paid. Additionally a bonus is paid for doing the business card data entry for the top 500 users. So the amount which the user is making more for each correct entry is higher than captcha typing. There are usually approximately 300 users for the typing work, so it is easier to get the bonus even doing less typing

For the online business data entry, members should be aware that the account is not immediately credited for the data entry work done,during the review the data entry for 11 entries was credited at 1700 hours GMT the same day. It appears that users should also check their account periodically to find out if any more work is available.

Like other get paid websites, Get-paid offers multiple options for making money. The best payment is for surveys and they have a large number of surveys available. Most of the surveys are taking 12 to 16 minutes and pay well. These surveys are ideal for younger people who do not have much money, and do not have to worry about their privacy, There are also some apps which have to be downloaded on smartphones or tablets which pay very well, some receive daily payment

Like other websites Get-paid also have offer walls, and some PTC websites are featured. Some of the offer walls are
Business cards
Get-paid pay very less for the PTC clicks, though the website can be checked only for finding new websites available. The website is also paying members a small amount for daily login.

They also have a option to get paid for watching videos. Some of the videos are only available for US Ip addresses and it is mentioned for the video. If a person with a non-US IP will click on the video, it will give the message invalid IP.This get paid website is ideal for students and others with plenty of free time who want to make some money without paying a registration or other fee. They pay more for apps which are downloaded on Android or Apple smartphones and tablets

Additionally members can also make money answering quizzes, playing games, and other activities. There is a paid to click section, but the amount paid per click is very less . There is also an option to make a small amount of money by reading news on the website, it will help to understand the culture and life of people in other countries, improve english vocabulary, grammar, especially for writers.Kindly note that ntro/raw/cbi employees especially bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, 2005 bbm, wife of tata power employee guruprasad, indore robber housewife deepika/veena, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan are not associated with the website in any way, though allegedly bribed by google, tata, indian government agencies are running the biggest work at home FRAUDS, government SLAVERY, CYBERCRIME,criminal defamation rackets in the world since 2010 on the real domain investor, single womn engineer who has no one to help or defend against the LIAR google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees falsely claiming to own the websites, bank account of a private citizen.

The members are paid in coins and 5 coins = $0.01 . Minimum cashout is $0.50 through Paypal,Webmoney, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin and payment proof is available. There are prizes for those who earn the most points monthly. The website is owned by a UK company Sight Media Inc. and Raz Weizman, established in 2005
Address: 75 Finchley Lane,London
Nw4 1by United Kingdom.
For the domain investor, online publisher and reviewer who is hated by some US and Indian companies, UK companies are usually more honest in tracking referrals compared to some US companies which do not track and give credit for referrals, promoting affiliate links

One of the most shocking aspects of the work at home fraud, government slavery in the indian internet sector, is the refusal of government agencies to acknowledge the investor actually investing their time and money doing the computer work,instead making fake claims about scammer students, cheater housewives cooking, cleaning for their fraud families,goan call girls and other fraud raw/cbi employees, who do not even invest money in computers and furniture, yet get monthly government salaries for FAKING ownership of this and other domains of a private citizen
Kindly note that like the TCS $140 million DATA THEFT of Epic system, the indian internet sector, government agencies are involved in a CYBERCRIME , criminal defamation racket on webmasters, so that it can make fake claims about the goan call girls,school dropout, cheater, robber housewives and other lazy fraud raw/cbi employees to justify giving these frauds monthly government salaries and great powers at the expense of the real domain investor. This posted as a FRAUD ALERT so that countries, companies and people are not DUPED by the LIAR indian intelligence and security agencies who are openly involved in the worlds biggest ONLINE, FINANCIAL,ICANN, EDUCATIONAL FRAUD since 2010, due to which the website is not updated regularly. The domain investorm, has to waste time fighting the indian and state government ONLINE FRAUD especially raw employees greedy gujju stock broker amita patel featured on moneycontrol, hindu business line, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, kolhapur/panaji sindhi schoolscammer dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, greedy goan housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, maria,aarohi, josh and others who do no computer work at all,do not invest money in domains, yet make fake claims and are supported by some of the largest tech and internet companies allegedly google, in this domain ownership fraud to get monthly government salaries, in the world's biggest work at home fraud, government SLAVERY racket which ILO, united nations should be aware of Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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