Many online workers are interested in making some passive income, since they have a limited amount of time available for doing computer work. Browser mining is the most convenient way for online workers who actually spend their time sitting in front of the computer to make some money without much effort.

Autofaucet is a website which allows users to make some money from browser mining , passive income, when they keep their browser open . It is better than Brave browser ( which shows no income) and Cryptotab browser which requires a download, since no software has to be downloaded and installed on the computer.
After login the user has to select the Free token option, and then Mining option
Though there is an option for website mining, the domain investor could only make the browser mining option work since there are very few visitors on her website
After the mining is started, hashes start accumulating
The hashes can then be exchanged for tokens, 1 FCT is approximately equal to 15000 hashes, though the number changes periodically
After 10 or more FCT are accumulated , they can be exchanged for crypto
The crypto payment can be transferred immediately to the Faucetpay account
The domain investor, reviewer was able to withdraw a small amount from Autofaucet to her Faucetpay account.

Autofaucet also has other options to make FCT like doing the short links

Though the indian tech and internet companies are making millions of dollars in profit, they are extremely ruthless and greedy in running a government SLAVERY, BANKING FRAUD, on small online business owners, with the indian and state governments in at least 5 states, refusing to acknowledge the online worker spending her time doing computer work. Instead the indian government agencies are falsely associating various lazy greedy young frauds, housewives with the online business owner, to give the young fraud great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the online business owner due to which the online worker is making less than a maidservant despite working longer hours
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Additionally the government agencies, tech and internet companies are also blocking the little money the domain investor is making from companies outside india with , being the most recent examples of how payment is blocked . Allegedly R&AW has allegedly kept Rs 31 is also pending from Usually the only work available to the domain investor is clicking on ads and even for this, the internet connection is blocked during the day for the connections. So the domain investor is always looking for a way to make some passive income

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This is a good way for those who work with Russian websites to maximize their income which they make, since there is no formal method for withdrawing the money to indian/asian bank account due to the high levels of corruption, government job for SEX racket with indian government agencies falsely claiming that housewives, goan CALL GIRLS siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan and other fraud raw/cbi employees, who do not invest money in domains are domain investors, online experts
At present the website is under review, and a small amount of $0.1 was withdrawn to test the system
A large number of programs which pay in Russian roubles and to Payeer account without any investment are listed at Free earning
Most of the russian websites have an english translation option
Kindly note that investing in HYIP is risky, so investors should read the terms and conditions carefully and only invest what they can afford, to lose, this is for information only

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