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Get paid to search Microsoft Rewards India Payment proof

Compared to other large countries in the world, Google has an extremely high share of online search in India, more than 93% according to statistics published in July 2022. Though Google is a US company, in the USA it only has approximately 75% of the market share, showing that Google completely dominates the indian internet sector, and has perfected retaining its monopoly in India allegedly with the help of CIA

Though Windows is widely used in India, it appears that Google retains its monopoly on online search. With indians increasingly using Android and Apple phones, Bing has realized that it is going to be very difficult to increase the market share. So instead of spending money advertising on newspapers which already have a large number of advertisers like Google does, Microsoft, Bing is offering a small amount to Indian users for regularly using Bing for searching on their computer

Users who wish to register for this program should have hotmail or live email, which they can use. The Microsoft Rewards program is offering 3 points per search, and each Bing user can make a maximum of 30 points daily searching. Additionally the user can also make money answering quizzes, at present in October 2022, there are quizzes for Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Eid, for searches like planning a holiday to Venice, and other activities

The user has a dashboard where the total points are shown as well the number of points for search are shown. Once the maximum 30 points per day are reached, the user will not get any more points for search. So if a person is using Bing search daily, he or she can make 900 points a month, and there are also additional points for searches and other activities

The points can be redeemed for gift cards and various other rewards. Users with 400 points can get an Amazon Gift card of Rs 25. They can also get a Flipkart voucher of Rs 50 for 850 points. Those enjoy playing games can also get other gifts,

One of the main reasons why this money making method is reviewed is because users can redeem their rewards immediately, they do not have to wait for manual reviews. The software is very well written and properly tested. The user only has to specify the phone number and he or she will get the code for redemption almost immediately. After providing the code, the gift card details will be available which can be added to the Amazon account immediately. Microsoft Rewards India Payment proof

Google is extremely ruthless in destroying competition in india, and link sellers are victims of resume theft, financial fraud and government SLAVERY since 2010. The resume theft, government SLAVERY victims like the reviewer are finding it extremely difficult to make any money working from home, since the government employees allegedly working for google are extremely ruthless in blocking almost all orders. So though Rs 25 is a small amount for most indians, for government SLAVERY victims in the indian internet sector, who often find their payment blocked or delayed, this payment is appreciated.

Most internet users are using search several times a day. Instead of searching with google and getting nothing, those who make less money online should consider using Bing,and make a small amount daily for searching. Microsoft Rewards India Payment proof

The masterminds of the government slavery racket in the indian internet sector are extremely ruthless in blocking all orders and payments so that their friends and relatives can continue with the no work no investment government jobs with fake bank account, fake resume . The ad networks which are paying are also being threatened by Paypal that the domain investor is involved in illegal activities since she does not have a large number of customers. So the domain investor is looking for different customers from different countries to avoid harassment, prove that she is a legal business. So serpclix is one non-us website which is very popular and is being reviewed.

Other search and click websites are also being reviewed, checking each website is very time consuming, looking for reviewers to check if these online survey websites pay as promised, especially for international users. Ideal option for those who have lost their job due to the covid-19 pandemic or are forced to remain at home, due to home quarantine
Visitors who have received payment from these websites or have been scammed can send their payment proof or story to and . Webmasters of similar websites can send their request for a free review of their survey, microjob website to the above email ids Websites with no minimum or low minimum for payout, less than $0.1 preferred

Please send your feedback and other details requested to info(at) or


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